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Likes: The Bible • Anime • Historical fiction • Game of Thrones • Brand design • DOTA • Thai food • Greek folk music

Pete’s main responsibility is in running the operations side of the business and also in overseeing all the website design work. His core gifting lies in graphics and brand design with able client communication skills. He uses his past experience in education, and his linguistic studies, to write good copy and is the company’s main copy editor. It would be a stretch to call Pete a musician but he does sometimes attempt to play bass guitar in his free time as well.


Likes: Obscure theology • Poetry & Fairy Tales • Envato • Settlers of Catan • Steve Jobs • Greek dancing

Tim is the company ‘techie’ and is a talented web developer who not only builds and develops most of our websites, he is often consulted by other professionals for timely help and advice. Tim has studied Modern and Medieval Languages and uses his cerebral skills to define and create web based solutions that are both innovative and functional. Tim manages to balance his primary passion of pastoring a church, with his web developing work with the skill of a seasoned juggler.


Likes: Jazz music • Rare guitars • His wife Kathy • His band Face2face • Good typography • Documentaries

Andy’s creative journey began in 1974 working in the exhibition department of Lucas-CAV. He was head hunted by Conrad Design in Chiswick and quickly rose to be Studio Manager, looking after a small but indomitable band of paste-up artists and designers. Shortly after this, he was approached by leading AV company Shaw Nicholls to be their Art Director and Creative head. His tasks covered everything from brand creation to full blown multi-projector AV presentations for such famous names like, Ford, Mobil Oil, IBM, and Thorne Lighting just to name a few.

He then went on to become the Creative Director and Board Director of the Talking Picture Company in Chelsea where his creative and communication skills were used to add value to such brands as, British Airways,Golden Wonder, Ross, HP Sauce, Young’s Seafood, County Bank, Rothschild Asset Management, Saatchi & Saatchi, FIAT, Mercedes, Woolworths, Corning Glass and Memorex. During his time at Talking Pictures, he was able to employ a whole raft of allied skills like copywriting, voice-overs and more latterly, as a ‘live’, on-screen presenter for numerous clients wanting a good presenter with proven communication skills. After 12 years in the city, he decided to concentrate on his core creative skills and formed Prototype Design in 1986. He became a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers and rose to become a standing Council member and is also a Fellow of the Design Network Association. Andy is an avid lover of jazz and plays a mean jazz guitar. He has toured with sixties legend, Helen Shapiro for 10 years throughout the UK and Ireland and currently is lead guitarist and vocalist in an eclectic music group called Face2Face. Andy combines his strong christian faith as part of his business ethos and attributes any success to the glory of GOD.


Likes: Cortinas • Building car engines • His band Crybaby Deathmatch • Game of Thrones • Gaming • Relaxed dress codes

If any project needs that special creative touch with all the technical expertise required to make it happen in Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign, Derek’s your man. Derek started his creative journey at Prototype Design back in 2003 and has grown into a formidable designer who is well respected by his peers and has become something of an authority within Prototype in the use of design software. His natural illustrative skills have been recognised by many of our clients and his unique touch can be seen on much of our best work.


Likes: Good music • His guitar • Songwriting • Funny accents • Any challenge • Gigging • Versatility

Senna is a highly talented web developer and designer who has steered many of our mainstream projects from start to finish with professional skill and technical expertise. He can speak a language quite alien to most of us and is often heard muttering strange words like ‘backend’, ‘slicing’, breadcrumbs’ and ‘URL Rewriting’. His strange vocabulary knows no limits and we’re in absolute awe at his verbal prowess, but what impresses the client most are the excellent results that Senna delivers.


Likes: Sports • Anything wireless • Travelling • Espresso • The sun • Good food • Flying

Timothy is our new member of the team. He is a web developer committed to every project he undertakes. He has studied economics and has a Masters degree in applied informatics.