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Identities • Brands • Logo’s • Icons • Type Styling

Creating unique and memorable brands that have stayed the test of time has been the hallmark of our business for over three decades. The examples featured on this website will demonstrate our ability to encapsulate all the key assets of our clients’ business and show off our branding skills which have worked for major brands like the East India Company, Luminus Group, Simtom Foods and many more


Wordpress • E-Commerce • Responsive • CSS3 • JS • HTML5 • SEO

We have been designing and building websites since 2007 and as such have followed keenly the explosion of new web technologies that has taken place, particularly since 2009. Our web developers make it their mission to stay abreast of all the latest technologies and techniques which not only make websites easier to build (and therefore more cost-effective for our clients) but also capable of accomplishing levels of interactivity and polish that one could only dream of not so long ago. We have developed a very particular work-flow (learning from our mistakes!) which serves to take any web project from start to finish through precise stages calculated to deliver projects on time, under budget and with the minimum amount of frustration. We are strong advocates of web standards, next generation technologies and customer choice (ie. when it comes to choosing a content manager system, we always aim to offer several options or at least choose the most efficient one for our client’s needs). We love building websites and making the internet both more functional and more pleasant.


Brochures • CD’s & DVD’s • Flyers • Posters • Cards & Invites • Newsletters

Don’t be fooled, even though we firmly live in a digital age, the need for a sense of tactile appreciation still prevails. We are constantly being asked to design something rather special for a memorable event or special functions that will always end up in someone’s hand. Print jobs that require skill, creative thought and even a little indulgence are right up our street. Naturally, after three decades of creative design work, we have amassed a drawer full of distinct and unique work that is a sheer pleasure to behold.


Sketches • Visualisation • Illustration • Pen & Ink • Vector Art • Photoshop

All our designers are competent artists and have distinct personal styles when it comes to expressing illustration work and visualisation. Our speciality has been in drawing and finishing line and tone illustration for print. Our distinctive work for the Santa Cicilia Museum in Rome is just one example of a style created specifically for a project of great importance and nostalgia. Another example of variation can be seen in the work undertaken for the Church Army in creating an urban ‘grunge style’ that allies itself with youth and street culture.


Stands • Banners • Pops-Ups • Interior • Retail

Our stand and exhibition design work has seen our work appear in some of the most prestigious exhibitions staged in some of the major halls in countries like; Rome, Amsterdam, Japan, France, China and Britain. We have carried entire concepts through from initial stand sketches to oversight of the complete build. Food and IT have been a particular forte. We have also designed numerous Banner and Pop Up displays for so many of our clients who rely on our expertise to faithfully carry and message in display form, retaining all their core values and branding to the audiences in their business sector.


Database Marketing • Mailshots • PR shots • Creative Strategy Planning • Planned Adverts • Copywriting

Our many years of ‘hands on experience’ in the busy marketplace of creative design and consultancy has given us a leading edge in steering our clients through the murky waters of Marketing, PR and Advertising. Whilst we would never sell ourselves as a marketing company, our skills and experience are there for the taking and many of our loyal and discerning clients have taken advantage of our accumulated business knowledge and years of creative experience for longterm gain. We have a few notable clients like Simtom Foods and Luminus Group who have both won numerous national awards for excellence. We’d like to think that we have helped that process and made a significant contribution to that success along the way. Their testimonials attest to this fact.


Jingles • Corporate songs • Writing • Live music

Not many design agencies or creative houses could boast an in-house team of musicians, writers and regular public performers amongst their staff. Our creatives have performed live and toured with 60′s hit superstar, Helen Shapiro and more recently with ‘eclectic band’ Face2Face who perform a variety of music ranging from classical, pop, jazz, ballad, Irish, show favourites and musicals. Our in-house talent has spilled over into professional jingle writing for Multi-media projects and also for many corporate clients. You will not be at a loss for music for your next corporate project. Live bands are available for jazz or pop gigs.